Open Meetings Notice

All board meetings begin at 7:00 pm and are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month in the City Hall Council Chamber located at 12951 Bandera Road, Helotes, TX 78023.

There are several ways for citizens to participate in or watch the Municipal Board meetings.


If you wish to speak under Public Hearing or Citizens to be Heard, please register in advance by completing the Citizen Comment Form. The comment form is due by 12:00 pm on the meeting date. Forms will not be accepted after the deadline. Once the comment form is received, the speaker will receive a confirmation email with the toll-free phone number and access code. The teleconference will be available to join at 6:45 pm. Speakers will be muted when they enter the teleconference and placed in a queue. Speakers will be called on one at a time and unmuted by the moderator. Speakers have 3 minutes to comment.


Public comment can also be submitted via email to the EDC by 12:00 pm on the meeting date. Written comments will be shared with the Board of Directors.


Watch the meeting on the City of Helotes YouTube Channel.

Digital copies of the agenda and meeting packet are posted on this page. Agendas are grouped by meeting type and are in chronological order. Click each panel to view agendas. If you have trouble viewing the files below, install Adobe Acrobat Reader.

2023 EDC Meetings

Meeting DateAgendasMinutesVideo
September 20, 2023Agenda
August 16, 2023Agenda Coming Soon
July 19, 2023Agenda Minutes
June 21, 2023Agenda Minutes
May 17, 2023Meeting Canceled
April 19, 2023Agenda Minutes
March 15, 2023Agenda Minutes Video
February 15, 2023Agenda Minutes Video
January 18, 2023Agenda Minutes Video

2022 EDC Meetings

Meeting DateAgendasMinutesVideo
December 21, 2022Canceled
November 16, 2022Agenda Minutes
October 19, 2022Agenda Minutes
September 21, 2022Agenda Minutes Video
September 8, 2022 - Special MeetingAgenda Minutes Video
August 17, 2022Agenda Minutes Video
August 17, 2022 - Work SessionAgenda Minutes
August 3, 2022Agenda CANCELED
July 20, 2022Agenda Minutes Video
June 15, 2022Agenda Minutes Video
June 15, 2022 - Work SessionAgenda Minutes
May 18, 2022Agenda Minutes Video
April 20, 2022Agenda Minutes Video
April 6, 2022Canceled
March 16, 2022Agenda Minutes
February 16, 2022Agenda Minutes Video
January 19, 2022Agenda Minutes

2021 EDC Meetings

Meeting DateAgendasMinutesVideo
December 15, 2021Agenda Minutes Video
October 20, 2021Agenda
September 15, 2021Agenda Video
August 18, 2021Agenda Minutes Video
July 21, 2021Agenda Minutes Video
June 16, 2021Agenda Minutes Video
May 19, 2021Agenda Minutes
April 14, 2021Agenda Minutes Video
March 17, 2021Agenda Minutes
March 3, 2021Agenda Minutes Video
February 17, 2021Canceled
January 27, 2021Agenda (Work Session)
January 20, 2021Canceled

2020 EDC Meetings

Meeting DateAgendasMinutesVideo
December 16, 2020Canceled
November 18, 2020AgendaMinutesVideo
October 21, 2020 Canceled
September 16, 2020AgendaMinutes
August 19, 2020AgendaMinutesVideo
August 12, 2020 Agenda (Special Meeting)MinutesVideo
July 15, 2020AgendaMinutesVideo
June 17, 2020AgendaMinutesVideo
May 13, 2020Agenda (Special Meeting)MinutesVideo
April 30, 2020Agenda (Special Meeting)
April 15, 2020Canceled
March 18, 2020Canceled
February 19, 2020Canceled
January 15, 2020Canceled

2019 EDC Meetings

Meeting DateAgendasMinutesVideo
December 18, 2019Canceled
November 20, 2019AgendaMinutes
October 16, 2019 AgendaMinutesVideo
October 16, 2019WorkshopVideo
September 18, 2019AgendaMinutes
August 14, 2019 AgendaMinutesVideo
June 19, 2019AgendaMinutesVideo
May 15, 2019Canceled
April 17, 2019AgendaMinutesVideo
March 20, 2019Agenda
February 20, 2019Agenda
January 16, 2019AgendaMinutesVideo

2018 EDC Meetings

Meeting DateAgendasMinutesVideo
December 19, 2018Canceled
November 14, 2018AgendaMinutesVideo
October 17, 2018 AgendaMinutesVideo
September 19, 2018AgendaMinutesVideo
August 15, 2018AgendaMinutesVideo
July 18 2018AgendaMinutesVideo
June 20, 2018AgendaMinutesVideo
May 16, 2018Canceled
April 18, 2018AgendaMinutesVideo
March 21, 2018Agenda
February 21, 2018Agenda
January 27, 2018AgendaMinutes