Retailer and Commercial Tenant Improvement Program

The Retailer and Commercial Tenant Improvement (TI) Program is designed to help grow a vibrant and thriving business climate in Helotes. This program will support new and expanding businesses within the corporate city limits of Helotes. 

The Retailer and Commercial TI Program helps bridge the financial gap between property owner and tenant by providing financial assistance of up to $20,000 on qualifying permanent improvements to space. 

The Retailer and Commercial TI Program operates as a reimbursable grant. Following grant approval, the applicant may begin work. After all work has been completed and the business is open, the applicant will submit receipts to the HEDC and demonstrate all compliance with local regulations before funds will be disbursed. 


In order to be considered eligible for this grant, the business must meet all criteria of the program. Funding decisions will ultimately be based on a variety of factors, including consistency with the HEDC Strategic Plan and availability of resources. Grant recipients may re-file a subsequent grant application with the HEDC no sooner than five (5) years from the original grant approval date. 

The Retailer and Commercial TI Program is available on a first-come first-served basis or until funds have been exhausted. Any new or expanding business within the city limits of Helotes may apply for consideration. Applicants must apply before commencing improvement. Tenants must at a minimum sign a 3-year lease agreement. Property owners who will also operate an eligible business may apply for funding.

Eligible Business Types

Any new or expanding business may apply for consideration. The HEDC retains discretion to consider stores that fall outside the above-mentioned business types, but serve to fill a limited or underserved sector.

Examples of Eligible Improvements

Hazardous materials abatement, such as asbestos removal

Interior demolition and shell reconstruction

Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Permanent equipment, plumbing, mechanical, electrical & HVAC


Windows/doors/commercial storefront

Permanent interior walls and finishes

Architectural/interior design/permitting fees relate to the improvements

Security or fire protection systems

Exterior repair or improvements to façade

Examples of Non-Eligible Improvements

Furniture such as tables and chairs

Temporary or moveable cubicles or partitions to subdivide space

Moveable equipment, fixtures, or furnishings

Salaries, working capital, or inventory

In-kind work performed by the applicant

Other items deemed by staff as narrowly tailored for a particular use and not potentially beneficial to other future users of the space

Funding Detail

Up to50%

of Total Cost of Eligible Improvement Funded.

Up to $20000

Grant for New Business
(or $25 per square foot)

Up to $10000

Grant for Existing Business
(or $15 per square foot)

Applicants who apply for funding after commencing improvements are ineligible.

Grant recipients may re-file a subsequent grant application with the HEDC no sooner than five (5) years from the original grant approval date.

Application Process

Apply Now

Applications for grant funding will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Only completed applications that include all required submittal documents and information will be forwarded to the to the HEDC Board of Directors for review.

In order to receive a Retailer and Commercial TI Grant, an application must be determined to have a minimum of 5 points from the following list. The number of points that an application receives will correspond to the amount of money per square foot that it will be eligible to receive. The HEDC reserves the right to approve or disapprove each application for any reason. 

  • 5 points = Up to $10 per square foot
  • 6 points = Up to $15 per square foot
  • 7 points = Up to $20 per square foot
  • 8 or more points = Up to $25 per square foot

Key Consideration

Does the project target businesses sought by the HEDC?

  • Retail, Restaurant, Bar, Hotel – 3 points
  • Office or other Services – 1 point
  • Other Projects – 0 point

Building/space that has been vacant for more than 6 months

  • Yes – 1 point

How many anticipated jobs will be created?

  • 1-5 FTE employees – 1 point
  • 6-10 FTE employees – 2 points
  • 11 or more FTE employees – 3 points

Does the project generate sales tax in Helotes?

  • Sales tax from $1,000 to $4,999 – 1 point
  • Sales tax from $5,000 to $9,999 – 2 points
  • Sales tax above $10,000 – 3 points

Applications with fully executed lease that are:

  • 3 years in length from the date of application – 1 point
  • 5 years in length from the date of application – 2 points
  • Building owner and applicant- 2 points

Upon receiving HEDC Approval, you have six months to begin the improvements and nine (9) months to complete the project and open for business. If one or both of these criteria are not met, the grantee will be notified in writing that the grant is terminated. Applicant can request an extension if nearing the construction lapse date. One extension may be granted at the discretion of the HEDC staff. 

Submit Your Project Idea

Prepare a Project Budget and Simple Design Plans

Submit Formal Grant Application

Start Work

The applicant is responsible for documenting all expenses and submitting receipts to the HEDC after the project is completed. All work must be consistent with the approved grant application and the HEDC staff must approve any changes in work scope or materials in advance of that work being performed. 


If you have further questions regarding the Program, contact Glenn Goolsby, Economic Development Specialist at:

Glenn Goolsby
City of Helotes
Economic Development Corporation
12682 FM 1560 W, Suite 105(Physical)
P.O. Box 507 (Mailing)
Helotes, TX 78023
Phone: (210) 695-5910