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Applicant Information

Eligible grant applicants should hold current Certificate of Occupancy and is located within the corporate limits of the City of Helotes
Small businesses shall be defined by HEDC as companies with annual gross revenue of $4 million or less.
Small businesses shall be defined by HEDC as companies with 40 or fewer FTE (full time equivalent employees

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FAQs & Glossary

Launch v.s. Amplify

Launch e-Commerce:

Online presence established and E-commerce sales begin. Promotional efforts begin. Expense ratio up to 75% Preparation & 25% Promotion.

Amplify e-Commerce:

E-commerce enhanced & promotions increased. Expense ratio up to 25% Preparation & 75% Promotion.

Eligible E-Commerce Activities


  • Website creation (must include E-commerce capabilities)
  • E-commerce platform set-up and annual subscription fee (shopping carts, online security tools, membership, etc.)
  • POS system upgrades necessary to integrate with e-commerce platforms
    • Contactless Payment
    • Online Reservations
  • Social Accounts Established


  • Advertising efforts, including social media promotional & digital advertising campaigns (Google Ads, social media boosts, etc.)
  • Search Engine Optimization

Authorized Service Providers

ESD Digital Marketing (ESD & Associates):

San Antonio’s leading full-service marketing agency, providing a full spectrum of online & offline marketing & advertising solution.


SA Flavor:

An online blog primarily focused on the restaurants and food in San Antonio.


Internet Direct, Inc.

A San Antonio-based web design and development firm.


Requirement of using another firm/entities not listed above:

  • A minimum of two independent quotes must be provided for Launch E-commerce development activities. Amplify E-commerce activities require at least one quote and should clearly state the cost of service being requested. Quotes should be valid for at least 3 months.
  • Quotes must be on formal letter headed paper and the supplier/provider must be based in Bexar County; if you are unable to use a supplier/provider in the County, reasons for this must be stated on the application form. Quotes for capital equipment can be a screenshot but the supplier details and product description and cost must be clearly stated.


  • Business holds a current Certificate of Occupancy and is located within the corporate limits of the City of Helotes;
  • Businesses must be for-profit;
  • Business must operate at least one storefront location within the Helotes city limit. Excludes: temporary locations, farmer’s market vendors, consignment vendors, etc.
  • d. All of E-commerce transactions for the Helotes business location must be fulfilled in Helotes;
  • Businesses must be in good standing with the City of Helotes with respect to taxes, fees, or other financial obligations, and is in compliance with all applicable zoning, land use, and other ordinances;
  • Business owner must provide a no litigation certificate.
  • Small businesses shall be defined by the HEDC and may be based upon the following, nonexclusive list of factors:
    • Annual gross revenue of not more than $4 million;
    • Must have 40 or fewer FTE (full time equivalent) employees; and
    • Number of business locations.

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